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Digital transformation is essential for any business looking to grow and stay ahead of the competition in today’s market because let’s face it, your customers have higher expectations and demand a more seamless digital experience than ever before. Without it, your business will not thrive, and dare we say it, may not even survive.With a mindset of continuous improvement and innovation, all of the benefits of a digital transformation are within reach. Just be sure to tackle the challenges as they come and do your best to prepare in advance.


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A CIOs guide to extreme challenges

No greater test has been given to CIOs than that which they now face during the global pandemic. However, to raise to the occasion they must be able to;

- Filter the clutter and focus on what is crucial to maintaining productivity

- Have a crisis plan in place so as not to left out in the cold.

- Make sure your focus is on elastic solutions that can adapt to changing scenarios

- Focus on better communication so everyone is always up to date.

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Gig economy and how it affects staff onboarding

  • A gig is a short service offered by an individual or company, usually in an area on which they have experience or skill.
  • Many have found this to be an effective alternative to hiring full-time staff especially when one-off specialized tasks are required.
  • Because of the specialized and temporary nature of gigs and gig workers, onboarding will have to take one new modification to be able to seamlessly integrate them.
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Blockchain Of Things

What the World will look like after the Covid-19 Crisis

- The world will not be the same, one can expect heightened travel regulations and restrictions.

- While globalization has been the forefront of commerce in recent years, countries are now looking internally for self-sustenance

- The workforce will see a drastic shift from the standard office job to a more remote-friendly landscape.

- And while measures used to track and stop the spread of the virus infringe on some of our privacy, the question remains if we get them back once the pandemic is over.

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