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What To Look For When Hiring A Recruiter

In today's world recruiters need to have a diverse set of skills to make a transformative impact. As the economy and job market continues to pick up, the demand for recruiters will continue to rise. It’s hard enough to find good recruiters; finding great recruiters that can transform your company is a real test.
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Digital Transformation Service

Digital transformation: A cheat sheet

Digital transformation is necessary for enterprises, though many business leaders don't know where to start. This digital transformation primer covers best practices, challenges, tech, and more.
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Machine Learning: Finding the Right Candidate for the Job

Artificial intelligence has been dominating headlines for years, with doomsday cries about robots stealing jobs and Jetsons-esque predictions about space travel. But underneath all of that hype, machine learning has made huge advancements, and companies are hungry to reap the benefits, whether it be to power a new cybersecurity tool, create customized shopping experiences, or power better search capabilities.
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How to Hire a Good Blockchain Developer OR What Businesses are looking for in Good Blockchain Developers

Blockchain development has changed from a passion project to a viable and well-paid career. Now that big business has caught on to the many applications and usefulness of blockchain, these few skilled blockchain developers are hotly sought after by companies who are finally jumping on the bandwagon and trying to integrate the technology into their services.
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Candidate Experience

5 Tips For A Winning Candidate Experience

Let's face it - The hiring process is stressful for both sides. The job seeker is putting their talents and career future on the line, which is a vulnerable place to be. The organization is investing considerable resources in hopes of finding a star in the making. This is important stuff.
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Tech Jobs Hard To Fill

A third of Swiss companies have difficulty filling vacancies

A shortage of skilled labour continues to affect the Swiss job market, according to the latest survey by employment agency Manpower.
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