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A CIOs guide to extreme challenges

No greater test has been given to CIOs than that which they now face during the global pandemic. However, to raise to the occasion they must be able to;

- Filter the clutter and focus on what is crucial to maintaining productivity

- Have a crisis plan in place so as not to left out in the cold.

- Make sure your focus is on elastic solutions that can adapt to changing scenarios

- Focus on better communication so everyone is always up to date.

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The Tech challenges brought by COVID-19

- Tech is a fundamental part of modern society and as such, it is one of the first to suffer from the fallout Covid-19 has brought

- From mass hysteria over 5G infrastructures to the propagation of fake news

- While tech sales drop, questions are being asked about the privacy we enjoyed pre-corona.

- Most affected are startups and small businesses.

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