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Enterprise architects as digital transformers

Enterprise architecture is critical to digital transformation. It can stop new business strategies from being realized or enable their realization.
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Digital Transformation Culture

Digital transformation starts with culture

Digital transformation is one of those terms being bandied about from all corners of the IT universe, which makes it difficult to define, and even harder to understand what it means to successfully do it.
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Is ‘digital’ effectively transforming your business?

As much as it’s important to integrate ‘Digital’ with your business for greater speed, scale & agility; it’s important to assess if it’s making a positive impact on people running your business from the forefront. Is technology enabling people to excel in an environment that demands high levels of agility?
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Digital Transformation. Get Fit for the Future with These 3 Principles

The aim of a digital transformation initiative is to help organizations meet the demands of an increasingly complex world that have been exacerbated by technology. But the reality is that if you aren’t changing and evolving as a business you a have a much larger problem on your hands than merely ‘becoming more digital’.
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Digital Transformation Service

Digital transformation: A cheat sheet

Digital transformation is necessary for enterprises, though many business leaders don't know where to start. This digital transformation primer covers best practices, challenges, tech, and more.
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