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Top 10 technology trends that will redefine a post COVID-19 world

If past bad experiences on a global scale as taught us anything, it’s that they have led to innovations that drive businesses.

The COVID-19 will be no different. It has upended our daily lives and caused individuals, organizations and countries to rethink their attitude to tech. with the lockdown in many countries, almost everyone have resorted to tech for their food, job, entertainment and communication

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Case study: Digital Transformation in the post-COVID world

  • We all know the adage that change is the only constant. It comes regardless of if we are prepared or not. This is more so when faced with a global crisis.
  • We will need to rethink the way we carry out everyday interactions
  • But most importantly, a level of flexibility and adaptability will start to emerge within our corporate DNA.
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Blockchain Of Things

What the World will look like after the Covid-19 Crisis

- The world will not be the same, one can expect heightened travel regulations and restrictions.

- While globalization has been the forefront of commerce in recent years, countries are now looking internally for self-sustenance

- The workforce will see a drastic shift from the standard office job to a more remote-friendly landscape.

- And while measures used to track and stop the spread of the virus infringe on some of our privacy, the question remains if we get them back once the pandemic is over.

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Hyper Connected

Beyond Things: The Internet of Everything

Internet growth has been occurring in accelerating waves from fixed computing, mobility to Internet of Things and now to Internet of Everything (IoE). It sums up to networked connection of people, processes, data and things.
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How IOTA makes bright future for Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) holds one of the biggest potential for human life change. It might become the fastest growing market in next couple years but the more important thing is that the development in related areas is interconnecting. Since IOTA has been released, we gained the whole new perspective not only for IoT, but for Industry 4.0 itself.
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Pietro Jeng 266017 Unsplash

AI for cybersecurity is a hot new thing—and a dangerous gamble

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can help guard against cyberattacks, but hackers can foil security algorithms by targeting the data they train on and the warning flags they look for.
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Future Of Recruitment

The Future of Recruitment

We caught up with the Chairman of The Recruitment Network to ask him his thoughts on the future of recruitment, including what skills recruiters will need to thrive in the future.
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Iot Changing Architecture

How IoT is reinventing IT architecture

The internet of things is driving big changes in how organizations manage their IT and data assets. Here are the areas seeing the most significant impact and best practices for IoT implementation.
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Rawpixel 658248 Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence Can Help Leaders Make Better Decisions Faster

Listening to your gut will be much safer if you also listen to the machine crunching the data.
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Are Programmers Headed Toward Another Bursting Bubble?

Do you think IT and some lower-level programming jobs are going to go the way of the dodo? Seems a bit like a massive job bubble that’s gonna burst. One of the only things keeping tech and lower-level computer science-related jobs “prestigious” and well-paid is ridiculous industry jargon and public ignorance about computers, which are both going to go away in the next 10 years.
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Global1 1024X604

These Industries Will Face the Biggest Talent Shortages by 2030

By 2030, the global talent shortage could reach 85.2 million people—costing companies trillions of dollars in lost economic opportunity.
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Blockchain Thinkstock 656972352 100749760 Large

5 Top Blockchain Trends of 2018

Watch for Internet of Things connectivity, increased use of smart contracts, increased regulation, content streaming, and blockchain in the jobs market.
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Big Data Analytics Solutions 768X512

6 data analytics trends that will dominate 2018

As businesses transform into data-driven enterprises, data technologies and strategies need to start delivering value. Here are four data analytics trends to watch in the months ahead.
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