Take care of Tech talent when it matters

Take care of Tech talent when it matters

Without a doubt, one of the biggest changes in businesses globally over the last few decades, bigger still than the effects of the economic downturn, has been the coronavirus pandemic.

The onset of the pandemic is resulting in massive changes to the way in which organizations operate and generate revenue. As a consequence, one of the challenges corporations are currently facing is finding and keeping the right people to put in charge of the digital transformation that is ongoing. The convergence of remote work, social media, AI, cloud computing, and big data is effectively requiring a total rethink of corporate strategic plans.

From an organizational perspective, emphasis should be on creating a good working culture in which technical talent is supported. This means setting clear expectations about performance by all parties involved and ensuring that teams work more collaboratively from the outset and share a common goal of the business and user.

According to studies, more than half (55%) of employees in the average company are searching for other job opportunities. This statistic is even higher with technical talents. The global pandemic and lockdown have opened a previously unknown and immense market for technology talents worldwide. Many companies are shifting their daily operations digitally and initiating video conferencing technology and chatting platforms. The demand for talents capable of deploying these new technologies needed by companies to counter the effects of the pandemic has risen 130% according to research. This means taking care of tech talent should be paramount in the minds of the leadership if they expect to live through the pandemic.

These are the ways a company can take care of their technical talents and increase their loyalty.

Make working from home as easy as possible.

No one thought we would be in this situation just four months ago. The most pessimistic analyst would have never predicted the business world would be struggling and tech that seemed like it was meant for the future is now what’s needed for survival.

Tech staff needs support from management as they work from home – even more than most parts of the organization. The will need active permissions to access company data, systems, and networks to be able to do what they do. They will also need flexible feedback mechanisms to deal with issues and be able to unpack any strain they feel as they will probably work with an increased workload.

Routines will also be needed to be designed to ensure the breaks in their work are not too much and they can find time for virtual meetings and training.

Focus on what’s important

Money talks. Who doesn’t need money, right? However, in regards to retaining and caring for technical talent, it’s important to realize that salary isn’t everything.

Salary and monetary incentives are an important consideration but they won’t be a deciding factor in the wellbeing of technical talent. What is now more important?

Company culture.

52% of engineers would actually take less money to work in a great culture or for an awesome brand. Employees want to be proud of their jobs and where they work. Companies that have impressive talent brands attract and retain more talent more easily.

Provide a sense of agency

Provide a sense of agency and independence to technical talent. By ensuring that technical team members are able to have a seat at the table where major decisions are being made (in this case a virtual table) will make the technical talent have a feeling of belonging and that their ideas and input are valued and appreciated.

Fostering a culture that also won’t turn around and place blame or point fingers whenever mistakes are made ensures that the engineers aren’t afraid to take risks without deferring, further enhancing and preserving their agency.

Offer valuable and continued educational opportunities

Companies worldwide are jumping on the digital train or suffer the fate of the fabled Dodo. Their leadership must make efforts to incorporate as many learning opportunities into their work environment as possible for their technical talent. Sending their talent links to webinars and virtual meet-ups, encouraging them to speak and write, organizing internal training and lectures, and giving them chances to explore other projects will go far in showing how much they care for and appreciate their talent.

Dedicating time and resources to continued education might seem out of place in a world where people are battling with the virus or with infected relatives and total isolation. But always remember that whatever the engineer learns will stick with them for a long time and might help them in their personal and professional lives

Be compassionate

The world has changed. Many people have died. Many employees have to cope with life without their families and friends in the office system. People are feeling disconnected and isolated.

To keep people from feeling disconnected, tech leaders should try to replicate the feeling, camaraderie, and intimacy of an office system. They can do this by letting people build in time to talk about life outside of the remote work. Acknowledging what everyone is going through and offer support to let people know they’re appreciated and not alone. This can be one-on-one or as a group meeting.

They can additionally let the technical talents choose how and when to work. With so many people now homeschooling their kids and having to take care of a sick partner or relative, it would be a big emotional shot-in-the-arm for people to know they have control over what they do and when they do it.


Organizations must take more steps to ensure their tech talent are cared for and supported as their importance to the continued existence of the organization has greatly increased. This includes offering them a listening ear, keeping safety, training, and giving them more opportunities to learn and providing them with meaningful work.

These moves will increase talent loyalty, commitment, and a better outlook for a better tomorrow. Caring for the technical talent now involves a little thought, a little compassion, and consideration, with a little strategy.


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